<b>South Carolina Institute of Medicine & Public Health</b>
South Carolina Institute of Medicine & Public Health

Meet the South Carolina Institute of Medicine & Public Health (IMPH), an independent, neutral entity informing and advancing policies to improve health care with an impact well beyond state lines. (It’s true…while I’m a new resident of South Carolina, we discovered IMPH through a client in Michigan.)

IMPH serves as a convener for academic, governmental, and community-based stakeholders to comprehensively tackle a broad variety of health care issues. Its methods—which range from facilitating study groups of subject matter experts to performing health impact assessments and advising prevention programs—produce evidence-based information that truly drives health care change. Here are just a few of IMPH’s transformative initiatives:

Further, through the National Network of Public Health Institutes, IMPH partners with public health institutes in 32 other states to advance public health in collaboration with federal, state, and local partners throughout the country. Collectively, the data produced by these public health institutes multiplies their impact. Now that’s Doing Good.