<b>RWJF Clinical Scholars Opportunity</b>
RWJF Clinical Scholars Opportunity

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), which supports research and programs that build a Culture of Health so that every American can have an equal opportunity for a healthier life, has announced that it is accepting applications for its Clinical Scholars program. The program provides three-year fellowships for fully licensed health care providers to develop skills to lead communities toward a Culture of Health. While there is no single definition of Culture of Health, RWJF aims to weave the many aspects of health into the many cultures that make up our nation (see the quote at the end of this post). Applicants must have completed all required clinical training for their profession at least five years ago. RWJF will select 50 fellows to each receive $35,000 per year (for a total of $105,000 per person per three-year fellowship). RWJF encourages applications from interprofessional teams of three to five members, each with significant community-focused research or program experience (although individuals and pairs will also be considered). Applications are due April 19, 2016. Click here to view the full Call for Applications.

“Seeing a Culture of Health from a bird’s-eye view means taking in the bigger picture of what defines health in America—how health will always be linked to health care, but also extends to work, family, and community life; how health equity is connected to opportunity; and how we, as a nation, must balance the costs, benefits, and effectiveness of treatment and prevention to provide our people with care of the highest possible value. It means focusing on the grander whole of what being healthy and staying healthy means. And it requires an understanding of a dynamic new world of Big Data, social networking, and creative innovation that is both cross-disciplinary and interprofessional.” Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA / President and CEO of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation