<b>Doing Good: Dove Recovery House</b>
Doing Good: Dove Recovery House

The Dove Recovery House is an exceptional organization on the near eastside of Indianapolis providing women safe housing, programming and support while overcoming serious drug and alcohol addictions, among a multitude of other traumas such as childhood physical and sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and sexual assault. The stories of lives turned around are extraordinary, even more touching when you think about what all this means to their children, family and support systems. The incredibly small but efficient staff support the women with professionalism, discipline, love and compassion.


Dove House is one of the most cost effective facilities in the state, with nearly all of their support coming from private donations, grants and proceeds from their annual fundraising luncheon. Since 2000 Dove House has seen hundreds of women walk through its doors and make a commitment to their recovery.  In fact, 83% of the women served in 2014 exited sober and committed their recovery journey; 70% left Dove House either employed or enrolled in school or an employment training program.


To become involved with the mission of Dove House or to learn more. Please contact Wendy Noe at 317-972-4584 or wnoe@doverecoveryhouse.com