Dress for Success
Dress for Success

It’s a new year and there’s a good chance you’ve been setting your sights on your personal goals for 2017. Beyond hitting the gym, maybe you are taking those first steps toward a professional development aspiration. The dawn of a new year and a fresh start can be empowering, and that’s how we arrived at highlighting Dress for Success this month. This global organization (seriously! I didn’t even know that) lives up to its tagline of “Going Places. Going Strong.” all year long by providing a network of support, professional attire, and tools to help women around the world achieve economic independence and success.

Founded in 1997, Dress for Success is a relatively young non-profit organization. That’s why it’s so astounding that in just 20 years, it has moved into 145 cities and 21 countries and aided more than 925,000 women in their paths toward self-sufficiency. While Dress for Success may be known for its suits, the organization knows that it takes more than a great outfit to get going.  Its services now include career center programs, job training, career advancement planning – including financial planning, and leadership promotion.

So…in case your new year’s resolutions include this one item that appears on my own list, “clean out the closets,” you should know that Dress for Success counts on individual donations of business attire and accessories to create confidence inside and out for its clients. To find your local affiliate and drop-off locations, click here. And, of course, financial donations are also welcome.

Also, if you’re wondering if there is a counterpart organization for men…Yep (score another in the “I didn’t know that either” column). Visit Career Gear for more info. Then get back to those 2017 goals. I hear my closet calling, don’t you?