DOJ Announces Funding for Justice Reinvestment Initiative
DOJ Announces Funding for Justice Reinvestment Initiative

The Department of Justice announced the availability of up to $5.25 million for states and tribes to maximize their state-level justice reinvestment reforms.

According to DOJ, justice reinvestment is a data-driven approach that is aimed at implementing cost-saving approaches to managed criminal justice populations and reinvesting those savings in evidence-based strategies that make communities safer and hold offenders accountable. The justice reinvestment process is planned and implemented at the state and tribal level.

This funding opportunity is aimed at those states and tribes that have substantially completed their Justice Reinvestment Initiative models. Funded activities are intended to challenge states and tribes to design and implement strategies to further the goals of their justice reinvestment efforts.

DOJ anticipates making three awards for up to $1.75 million each for a 3-year project period.  Applications are due May 22, 2014.