Doing Good: Thomas P. Miller and Associates
Doing Good: Thomas P. Miller and Associates

Thoughts of data don’t exactly elicit excitement, but reliable, timely information can often be the key to making strategic, well-informed decisions for an entire region. Indiana’s own Thomas P. Miller and Associations (TPMA) has been helping organizations engage in research and analysis, strategic planning, and project management for over 25 years. Specifically, TPMA specializes in services geared towards Analysis, Alignment, and Action to achieve the goal of enhancing the economic value of communities, educational institutions, and private companie .

Via its Analysis services, TPMA provides the quantitative and qualitative research capacity needed for organizations to understand their assets, challenges, and opportunities.

TPMA’s Alignment services facilitate the collaboration and relationship-building necessary to successfully plan, leverage, and allocate resources for the economic success of a community, region, or state.

Finally, the company’s Action services are aimed at using analysis and alignment efforts to help organizations and regions determine next steps through resource identification, workforce and professional development, and project management.

TPMA’s recent work with the Eastern Carolina Workforce Development Board, for example, helped the organization complete its State of the Workforce Report, which provides a basis for priority-setting, county-based workforce analysis, and a framework for aligning efforts and initiatives for regional development. TPMA’s work with Three Rivers Community College in Missouri contributed to securing the school’s place as the nation’s fastest growing community college in 2012, and TPMA’s partnership with the Indiana Career Council is helping the organization develop a comprehensive strategic plan to identify best practices in career and technical education and assist in developing town hall meetings throughout Indiana.

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