Congratulations, Indiana Rural Health Association!
Congratulations, Indiana Rural Health Association!

Words for Good® would like to be the first to congratulate the Indiana Rural Health Association on its $897,260 award from the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Rural Health Network Development Program.

The award will be distributed over three years and used to implement the Indiana Statewide Rural Health Network’s (InSRHN) “Strengthening Indiana’s Rural Health Care System through Primary Care-based Chronic Disease Management” initiative, which will focus on improving the outcomes associated with the two most prevalent and costly chronic diseases among adults in Indiana: diabetes and congestive heart failure.

Using training provided by the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium’s Certified Health Coach® program, InSRHN will deploy teams of specialized health coaches equipped with remote patient monitoring technology in rural primary care settings to work proactively with patients to improve their understanding, activation, and self-management of their chronic conditions. InSRHN is an impressive leader in the transformation of rural health care, and Words for Good was honored to work with its team throughout the grant application process.

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