<b>CMS State Innovation Model Design Award</b>
CMS State Innovation Model Design Award

Congratulations to the State of Hawai‘i on its $1,500,000 State Innovation Model Design award from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Stacie Marsh was the lead writer for the State’s application in contract with Washington, DC-based firm McAllister & Quinn. The award will build upon the momentum created from its Round One Model Design award in 2012, which resulted in a comprehensive State Healthcare Innovation Plan (SHIP). The Plan described six catalysts for system change to support population health, including: primary care practice support; enhanced care coordination; value-based payment reform; workforce enhancements; health IT connectivity and data; and strategic use of policy levers. The Round 2 award will focus on effective awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of behavioral health conditions at all levels in addition to oral health.