CMMI Announces Second Round State Innovation Opportunity
CMMI Announces Second Round State Innovation Opportunity

Yesterday, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) announced the availability of up to $730 million to support the second round of awards for state-based innovation initiatives.

CMMI’s State Innovation Model Initiative is intended to support State-led efforts to plan, design, test, and evaluate new multi-payer models to transform health care delivery, lower costs, and improve outcomes.

CMMI awarded the first round of State Innovation Model funding in 2013 to 25 states – including 16 Model Design, 3 Model Pre-Testing, and 6 Model Testing awards. During this round, CMMI anticipates awarding up to $30 million for 15 Model Design awards and up to $700 million for 12 Model Testing awards. States previously receiving Model Design awards are eligible to apply for either Model Testing awards to implement their state innovation plans or a second Model Design award to continue development of their state innovation plans. Four-year Model Test awards are anticipated to range from $20 to $100 million per state, and one-year Model Design awards are likely to be $1 to $3 million per state.

Letters of Intent are due on June 6, 2014, and applications are due on July 21, 2014.