<b>CMAK Foundation</b>
CMAK Foundation

After a difficult month in the news, we thought we’d turn our attention to an organization we recently learned about that is working to make some good come out of a painful experience. Sometimes it is hard to accept that anything positive can come out of a tragedy, but the CMAK Foundation is trying to do just that. With a vision “to turn tragedy into triumph by healing and strengthening our families and communities,” the CMAK Sandy Hook Memorial Foundation focuses on programs and initiatives that encourage personal improvement, healthy lifestyles, and strong families and communities.

Chase Michael Anthony Kowalski (CMAK) loved to run, which led to his competing in his first triathlon at age 6. Following his death in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, his family founded the CMAK Foundation in remembrance of him, and all of the students and educators lost that day. The Foundation seeks to preserve the memory of Chase’s competitive spirit while impacting the lives of underserved children through the following events:

  • Race4Chase Kids Triathlon: this six-week program provides children ages 6 to 12 with a safe, non-competitive environment to discover the sport of triathlon. It provides instruction in swimming, cycling, running, strength training and flexibility, and also teaches good nutrition. Click here for a list of program sites or here to learn more about bringing a CMAK Foundation event to your town.
  • Chase’s Place: The intent of Chase’s Place is to provide a warm, recreational family space that offers physical activities and health enrichment – and more than anything, provides a space for quality time and a break from everyday stress. If you’re interested in requesting to sponsor or partner with CMAK to bring these benefits to a facility in your community, click here.
  • Preschool Scholarships: CMAK also provides need-based financial support to families seeking preschool education for their children (scholarships limited to children in the Connecticut area).

We’re thankful for learning about the good being done by the CMAK Foundation, and particularly for its inspiration to pause and consider finding the light in what seems only like the dark at first.